We prepare, and we train.

Aldevra’s infrastructure has supported teleworking for years. The emergency preparedness plans provided the standard operating procedures to allow all Aldevra corporate employees to switch to remote work without incident. There should be no disruption to our customers from our end. We’re keeping in close contact with our suppliers and manufacturers to communicate any delays. Aldevra’s decision to diversify means the Amazon Store can help the staffing division during this time. Our financials are in line, and we’re planning to keep our employees as long as possible. We have good working relationships with our contracting officers, especially the staffing ones, and we’re partnering and thinking creatively about how best to support the mission and the employees. We are very fortunate, and we know we are the exception.

Update on current product availability and shipping estimates

Aldevra is committed to helping the medical industry. Below is an update on popular products along with current availability and estimated delivery dates.

To place an order, please call 269-350-1337 or email sales@aldevra.com

Equipment & Supplies Aldevra Offers to Help with Coronavirus:


IV stands:


  • Lead time: 4 weeks or less
  • Made in US (Washington)

Stretchers with side rails made from CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloy


  • Lead time: 6 weeks
  • Made in US (Washington)

Medical-grade refrigerators to store test kits (from 1 to 45 cubic feet)


  • Lead time: depends on size; starts at one week to ship; larger sizes 4-6 weeks to ship
  • Made in US (Pennsylvania)
Product Name Lead-time
REF4-##-##-## < 7 Days
REF5-##-##-## < 7 Days
REF12-##-##-## < 7 Days
REF20-##-##-## ~ 11 Days

~ 11 Days


~ 23 Days

IsolationAir® contamination control system:

Portable unit quickly converts a standard-sized patient room into an isolation room. Includes on-board HEPA filtration, UV sterilization, air conditioning and ductwork.


  • Lead time: 6 weeks
  • Made in US (New York)

Sterile Storage Cabinet:

Portable temperature/humidity controlled cabinet to store sterile instruments & supplies such as swabs and sputum collection cups. Meets Joint Commission requirements.


  • Lead time: 12-14 weeks
  • Made in US (New York)

Exam Tables:


  • Lead time: some in stock
  • Made in US (Indiana)

Middleby Propane Options


Fryers, Pasta Cookers and Re-thermalizers are all available in propane


Our banquet carts can run off of Sterno or electric heat. 10 In-Stock with quick build times!


Same day shipping Propane Ovens, Griddles, Skillets, Kettles!


Build NEW LP Ovens & Combination Units in a 2 business days or un-crate and convert to LP.


The EVO Professional Series CIRCULAR grills are made in LP for outdoor use. The Navy has purchased these already. The EVO Affinity circular grills are for indoors and can be fueled by LP. They also can be housed in a SS top mount for portability


Griddles, Charbroilers, Hot Plates (including step-up), Counter-Top Fryers, Stock Pot Range, Floor Fryers, & More! (must specify NAT or LP).


Plexi or Acrylic Divider – This product is used as a safety barrier between customer and employee to help prevent the spread of viruses/germs.

Product & Specifications