Do you need help preparing for an upcoming survey? Or maybe you just had an inspection and need to put a corrective action plan in place? Or are you wearing so many hats, you could just use an extra set of hands to work on your “to do” list?


Aldevra has a Logistics Powerhouse that can help!


That Powerhouse is Carla Brees, who retired from VA after 36 years and wants to continue to help veterans and the VA. She has a strong background in logistics as she served in the roles of the VISN 12 Chief Logistics Officer; Milwaukee Facility Supply Chain Management Officer; Division Manager, Clinical Support Division (included Logistics, Nutrition and Food Service, and Pharmacy) Material Management Program Manager and Personal Property Manager among other roles. She has experience in areas of Logistics from Expendable, Non-Expendable, Warehousing and Distribution. Carla worked at all level facilities from 1A to level C. She’s ready to help other VA facilities with their logistics challenges.

Examples where we can help:

  • Do you need assistance with recruitment for the National Position Descriptions? This includes writing or updating the “Certificate of medical Examination” Form OMB 3206-0250 – Part B that Employee Health uses for the Physicals before new employees are hired.
  • Do you need assistance with the action plan for implementing the Standardized Organizational Chart?
  • Do you need your local SOPs updated?
  • Do you have any training needs or need new training plans?
  • Does your Competency/Performance Standard/Tracking Mechanism/Reporting need updating?
  • Do you want to MOVE the dial on Scoop metrics?
  • Does your Admin SAIL report need some attention?
  • Do you have a FLIP review scheduled? Or have you already had a review and need action plans created?
  • Do you have a Quality Control Review (QCR) scheduled? Or have you had a review and need action plans created?
  • Does your facility have Joint Commission visiting soon?

Email us at sales@aldevra.com and we’ll set up a call to see how we can best help.