Air Innovations is a world leader in designing and building environmental process control systems for applications that can’t be addressed with standard HVAC equipment. We customize packaged solutions for temperature, humidity, filtration, pressurization, and with direct-expansion, chilled-water, or thermo-electric capabilities.


Environmental Control Solutions


Aerospace Environmental Control Systems

Whether you are preparing to send payloads into space, testing ballistic missile systems, calibrating equipment in very precise conditions, or working in other areas of aerospace and defense systems, you can be confident knowing your environmental control units will be developed to precise aerospace specifications and with decades of experience.


Homeland Security HVAC

Complex situations call for environmental control expertise. There are not many places that have the rigid standards and necessity for high quality as Homeland Security, but we are able to provide custom solutions in environmental control and homeland security HVAC. Homeland Security trusts Air Innovations to deliver.


Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical HVAC

Biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical HVAC systems are often needed for temperature, humidity and dew point control in sensitive processes and equipment. At Air Innovations, we’ve created a variety of process control systems for the medical, biotech, and life sciences fields.


Military Environmental Control Units

Some military and defense systems, such as targeting and calibration systems, require process environmental control units (ECUs) to function properly and consistently. And while a commercial or industrial environmental control system will share attributes with a defense or military environmental control unit — such as having specific temperature and humidity requirements or clean room level filtration — many defense and military environmental control units are also exposed to harsh environments or require ruggedization to be effective.


Environmental Control in Research Applications

Research applications often require complex environmental control systems to cool critical equipment and processes. While there are too many varieties of environmental control requirements that come up in research applications to list here, Air Innovations has experience designing environmental cooling systems with a wide range of constraints and parameters including the following: temperature, humidity, filtration, airflow, space, shape, color, material, energy consumption, heat-exhaust, explosion-proofing, harsh environments, and more.


Semiconductor Temperature Control Systems & Humidity Regulation

Whether you’re working in design or quality in a Semiconductor application, you need a partner who understands your challenges and knows how to help you achieve your goals. Air Innovations supports customers within a variety of Semiconductor environments and applications. Our customers in the semiconductor industry are usually looking for environmental control in these areas:


Explosion Proof HVAC

Explosion-proofing is a common requirement we have designed for customers in various industries. Our explosion proof air conditioning systems have been designed for near-continuous operation, while withstanding harsh environments and extreme temperatures in petroleum, mining, military, aerospace and pharmaceutical applications. Read the case study on explosion proof ECUs designed to cool frequency drives in large centrifuge machines in pharmaceutical tablet-coating.


Specialty Environment HVAC

Sometimes, our customers can utilize standard solutions, such as our Specialty Commercial and Residential HVACsystems, which not only provide niche environmental control, but are also flexible enough to work in anything from data centers and art preservation to wine cellars and cigar storage.


Micro Environments

We have even assisted manufacturers of emergency consoles and other desk consoles with environmental control solutions.