Our company founders, Craig Vanderheide and Eric Kahkonen, started Altus in 2001 to meet the growing needs of mobile sit-to-stand workstations for the office environment. They quickly realized that more and more of their requests were coming from the healthcare industry with the introduction of electronic medical records (EMR), and so they expanded their focus to the healthcare environment. Eric and Craig quickly expanded their team to meet the growing need of creating customized workflow solutions for healthcare.


Altus is a leading manufacturer in mobile and wall mounted technology workstations. Providing innovative workstation solutions and designs to enhance efficiency and workflow. With patented Ascend sit-to-stand lift technology for optimized mobility and adjust-ability. Find out how Altus can best serve your needs.

Powered Carts

Entering data into your EMR and being mobile to tend to patients simultaneously is more important than ever. If you need the mobility of a cart with a powersource that lasts an entire shift, then an Altus powered cart on wheels is the right solution for you. Altus powered technology workstations deliver point of care documentation for caregivers in a simple yet effortless way. Whether sitting or standing, patient interaction is facilitated through this cart’s calming aesthetic. Altus re-establishes the standard for powered carts.

Non-Powered Carts

Altus’ non-powered carts are the cornerstone of our mobile technology workstation family. Delivering point of care technology for caregivers in a simple yet effortless way. Our H-class non-powered technology workstations allow for seamless technology accessibility while seamlessly integrating into multiple workflows. Effortlessly move through your daily tasks with our lightweight and ergonomics carts. With our superior adjustability and mobility, your workflows are enhanced. Altus re-establishes the standard for non-powered carts with our entire line of powered and non-powered workstations on wheels.

Medication Delivery

Over the last seventeen years, Altus has spent countless hours making sure that our customers have the best technology workstations to get their job done as simply and painlessly as possible. These solutions have made charting and data entry into electronic medical records seamless by bringing the technology to the point of care to avoid errors. We’ve taken it a step further to not only provide best-in-class workstations but also provide secure medication delivery to the point of care. There are many solutions for secure medication delivery on the market, but often they stop short of securing medication for the last 100 feet. We’ve taken medication delivery a step further.


Tight on space? Our wall-mounted workstations are built to compactly fold against the wall when not needed, but also allow easy sit to stand charting while providing a great triangle of care. Our wall-mounted workstations allow the caregiver to sit or stand beside the patient and easily share information. The ability to swivel/rotate the workstation not only creates a healthy work environment for the caregiver, but also gives the patient a stress-free visit.

Altus Accessories

Accessories can be configured to ensure an efficient workflow and improve productivity. Specified accessories and mounting locations allow for multiple configurations. Select from the following configurations now to see how productive you can be tomorrow.