All Bakers Pride® commercial cooking equipment is built to meet the high volume and customer demand of commercial food service operations.

Bakers Pride brings over 70 years of cooking equipment manufacturing experience to your professional kitchen. Bakers Pride® restaurant cooking equipment is trusted by professional chefs and operators for longevity, quality and energy efficiency. Explore all the commercial cooking equipment options we offer to stock your kitchen including our world famous pizza deck ovens, reliable ranges and charbroilers, compact conveyor ovens, and our incredibly fast speed ovens.
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Commercial Charbroilers

Full-size or countertop? We have a gas charbroiler to enhance your commercial kitchen. We offer a range of charbroilers in varying widths and profiles. Select from multiple charbroiler grate options to match your product or simply mix and match grates on select models.

Commercial Convection Ovens

We offer a variety of gas and electric commercial convection ovens to fit your kitchen needs. All of our convection ovens are built to last and cook food evenly and consistently. Choose from full-size or countertop convection ovens with the option to double-stack for maximum output.

Commercial Countertop Deck Ovens

Our countertop deck ovens are perfect for pizza and baking. If you lack the room in your commercial kitchen for a full-size deck oven, then our range of countertop deck ovens will be a great alternative. Bake pizza, pretzels bread and a variety of pastries to perfection.

Commercial Deck Ovens

We offer the best pizza and baking deck ovens. Period. Bakers Pride full-size commercial deck ovens are renowned throughout the world for their precise cooking and long life. Select from gas or electric, single or stacked models to meet your kitchen production demand.

Commercial Deep Fryers

Compact and efficient commercial deep fryers. Bakers Pride commercial deep fryers are designed for fast recovery and perfectly fried food. Select from full-size or countertop fryers with a single or double vat.

Commercial Gas Griddles

Our commercial griddles provide the power and cooking area your kitchen demands. With a 1″ thick griddle and powerful gas burners, our heavy-duty griddles will keep up with the busiest kitchen.

Commercial Gas Hot Plates

Our countertop gas hot plates are compact and powerful. Select from a compact two burner hot plate or go for the ultimate hot plate with eight burners and a whopping 240,000 BTUH rating. Our step-up models are perfect for simmering and sauteing. 

Commercial Gas Ranges

Versatile commercial gas ranges. Slice and dice our industrial gas ranges to suit your kitchen needs with multiple top configurations like charbroilers or griddles next to lift off burners or swap out the standard oven for a convection oven. The choices are endless.

Salamanders & Cheesemelters

Versatile salamanders and cheesemelters. Our professional grade salamanders and cheesemelters are available from 24″ all the way to 72″ so you can select the perfect model for your kitchen demands.

Commercial Speed Ovens

Cook, brown, reheat in a fraction of the time with our new speed oven. Using enhanced side-launched microwaves combined with top and bottom air impingement, the E300 speed oven is perfect for quick serve restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants.

Commercial Stockpot & Wok Ranges

Stock pot and wok ranges that deliver the power you demand. Our three ring burner design delivers the power to heat up large volumes of liquids yet offer the flexibility for low temp simmering.

Commercial Ventless Hoods

Remove grease particles from the air with our powerful ventless hoods. Our ventless hoods are available in free standing units, countertop, and wall mounted models. Each model comes with a certified fire suppression system. 

Gas Connectors

Heavy-Duty Equipment Stands

Our equipment stands are built solid to handle heavy equipment. Select from multiple widths to suit your kitchen needs.