IMC Britannia has been servicing the commercial kitchen ventilation market since 1995. Our portfolio contains a long, long list of fully satisfied customers and end-users; a legacy which provides us with a reputation that is second to none. From the largest to the smallest of projects, no effort is spared in finding the right solution to your kitchen ventilation problem.

Since its inception, IMC Britannia has built its reputation upon a team of the industry’s most experienced people, with a combined knowledge far surpassing that of our competitors. It is this intimate understanding of the product, the industry & our focus on customer service, which has seen us grow into the UK’s market leading supplier of Commercial & Institutional Kitchen Hoods.


The Britstream range of hoods has been developed after years of “in the field” research and development of kitchen hoods. Apart from this real-world in-put, we have extensively tested & retested products at our own facility in Leamington Spa as well as sponsoring many external test procedures on various components.


Ecostream is an advanced unit that is the ideal partner when used with both conventional ventilation canopies and also used in conjunction with Ultrastream UV. Ecostream will achieve the best possible final result when treating exhust air from a commercial kitchen which will extend the filter life considerably.


Silverline provides an aesthetically pleasing solution whilst minimising the fire risk associated with most ceiling systems Silverline is based on shallow conventional extract canopies, with the rest of the ceiling laid to grid with insulated stainless steel tiles, fixed light lanes and removable supply diffusers. The void above the ceiling acts as an air plenum introducing make-up air into the kitchen and is never in contact with extract air.


A common problem with kitchen extract systems is that grease inevitably gets carried over into the extract ductwork. If this grease builds up it provides fuel for a fire and represents a significant fire risk within the building. Also the odours from kitchen ventilation systems can be a major nuisance, depending on the location, cuisine and point of extract.


Heydal is a fully integrated suspended ceiling system from Britannia that is designed for ventilating large commercial kitchens. The system incorporates fully demountable exhaust air, supply air and blank modules, complete with collection troughs and integral light fittings.


Refresh is a self contained kitchen ventilation unit that comprises an extract and supply canopy with a dedicated services tower at one end. The tower has an integral fan unit and additional stages of filtration to clean the air before being introduced back into the kitchen.


The extraction of waste heat, odours, fumes and combustion products in commercial catering constitutes a major demand for energy. This energy demand is increased further with large quantities of conditioned air being lost to the atmosphere and replaced unnecessarily by inefficient ventilation systems.