Middleby Celfrost is recognized in India as a preferred commercial food service equipment supplier with a broad line of cold side products such as professional refrigerators, coldrooms, ice machines, and freezers, marketed under the Celfrost brand. Celfrost is a leading supplier of equipment to many of the fast growing restaurant chains and hotel groups.


Middleby Celfrost has an extensive marketing and service network in India, including 15 brand centers that we will strategically leverage to support Middleby’s entire portfolio of brands in the market. We are also excited about the opportunity to introduce the Celfrost brand and portfolio of products into other emerging markets utilizing Middleby’s existing sales and marketing infrastructure.”

Middleby Celfrost hosts an In house Service team dedicated to cater to Service related queries of its Customers. A dedicated Toll free helpline and online connectivity via Email stays active Weekdays while the Technical Team is Active 24 * 7 for the Customer Service and Satisfaction.

Our service has a well-defined and organised structure that is Primarily Customer Oriented, the Team aims at rendering a Hassle Free Customer Service Experience.

Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers

The powerful Celfrost Professional Blast Chillers / Freezers are most ideal for reducing the temperature of cooked food from 90°C to +3°C or – 18°C rapidly thereby rendering it safe from bacterial growth and fit for ensuing storage and consumption later on. Available in 4 capacities, they are suitable for both GN 1/1 and 400x 600 mm tray sizes.

Chest Freezers

The world’s finest range of Hard Top Chest Freezers to suit every need in single, double and three-lid variants from 100 ltrs. to 720 ltrs.

Coffee Machine

La Cimbali has been a front-runner in the development of espresso and cappuccino culture for decades. The group operates in more than 100 countries and distributes its products exclusively through Celfrost in India. It has even launched a special single group traditional coffee machine “Celfrost Professional” for the Indian market.

Combi Ovens

Widest range of combi ovens for any requirement in your kitchen. From baking bread to roasting chicken and steaming vegetables in fresh brilliant colours.


Celfrost brings its expertise to coldroom construction with its extensive range of solutions, in a choice of temperatures to suit various requirements and budgets. The reliability, and support options available at various locations across India make Celfrost the trusted brand for some of the top hotels, restaurants, and medical firms.

Conveyor Ovens

Presented here are the most innovative set of Conveyor Ovens, the CTXand Middleby marshall.These ovens allow chains and independent restaurants the ability to deliver consistent quality to their customers


Reliable solution for professional frying – PITCO an industry leader in design and research with its high efficiency fryers.


The Turbochef Fire provides an artisan-hearth style pizza experience for any location. Cooking at temperatures up to 842°F (450°C), the Fire can cook 14-inch fresh dough pizzas in as little as 90 seconds.


Life saving vaccinations must be stored under exacting conditions to ensure maximum efficacy. Celfrost brings to India, reliable medical refrigeration products suitable for laboratories, hospitals, research institutions and for pharmaceutical, bio- medical & life sciences applications.

Planetary Mixers

These high performance and durable planetary food mixers from Toastmaster are suitable for mixing of flour, food-stuff and also egg beating.

Perfect Fry

Designed as a professional fryer for restaurants and concessions, perfect fryers produce up to 90 pounds per hour of perfectly cooked French fries, onion rings, chicken and other deep fried foods.


These commercial reach-ins are extremely rugged , energy efficient & come with removable gaskets for easy cleaning. They help in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of kitchen professionals.

Spiral Mixers

These high performance and durable spiral mixers from Toastmaster are widely used for dough mixing application in bakeries, hotels and restaurants. In the spiral technology, both the mixer and bowl revolve simultaneously, thus giving a greatly improved mixing effect.

Speed Ovens

Presented here are the power brands from Turbochef, the fastest ovens in the world.There are no limits with the new turbochef series.

Upright Coolers

A large range of showcase coolers in varying capacities.