Established by Gustave Doyon in 1950, Doyon Equipment Inc. started as a sales and repair business for bakery equipment. In the mid 1970’s we began manufacturing its own line of equipment.

Thanks to the creation of Jet Air, an exclusive integrated system of a reversible fan for ovens and proofers, Doyon developed a line of equipment that produced a superior baked product. In addition to selling all different kinds of oven models, the company added the manufacture of bakery accessories such as proofers, mixers, racks, sheeters, work tables, bread pans, and more.

Ovens and Oven Proofers

Baking, cooking, roasting or whatever you are doing, takes the right skill set and oven. Doyon features the top of the line. We offer a full line of baking ovens and combination oven proofers. SRO Series Roll-In Ovens, CAX Circle Air Ovens, JA Series Jet Air Ovens, Artisan Stone Deck Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Circle Air Oven Proofers, and Jet Air Oven Proofers.

Proofers and Retarder Proofers

Doyon’s NEW Perfect Proofers and Retarder Proofers conveniently ship flat for assembly on site.  They go through any existing door, regardless of size, and can be configured for the size of the room.  Use the configurator* to build your proofer, get a specification sheet and place your order. Doyon’s roll-in Proofers and Retarder Proofers are the workhorses of any large baking operation. They feature even air flow to maintain the precise heat and humidity required for proofing and retarding/proofing. They accommodate roll-in bakery racks for easy product transfer. The proofers operate from room temperature to 110F (43C) degrees with a relative humidity up to 95%. The retarder proofers operate to a minimum temperature of 36F (2C) degrees for retarding and automatically switch from retarding to proofing, from room temperature to 110F (43C) degrees.

Display Warmers

Our counter-top display warmers are perfect to keep products warm and fresh.  You can build sales volume with a merchandiser that allows your customers to see your products while keeping them “fresh from the oven” quality. Units with rotating and non-rotating racks are available. Some for pizzas only and some with shelves for other products.

Planetary Mixers

Doyon offers a large line of planetary mixers, from the EM series for budget-conscious operators to some of the largest mixers for large volume operations.  They are designed and built to offer the highest flexibility and efficiency as well as the lowest maintenance cost possible. They’re ideal for operations that not only need to mix bread dough, but other items such as cake batter, meat loaf, whipped items, sauces and more!

Spiral Mixers

For the serious bakery operation, Doyon’s spiral mixers can handle all kinds of dough and come in a variety of sizes to handle anywhere from three to 529 pounds of dough at 60% absorption ratio.  They stand above the competition with higher horsepower than comparable sizes, a belt driven motor for better torque to handle dense doughs, a bowl drain, a unique stainless steel bowl with high center that eliminates the need for a dough feeder post. This unique design prevents dough from overheating for longer yeast viability and better gluten development.

Dough Dividers, Rounders and Moulders

When it’s time to make a boatload of dinner rolls, hamburger buns, tortillas, pizzas, even artisan breads, save time and produce consistent portion sizes with Doyon’s dough dividers, rounders, divider/rounders and moulders.  They free you from the task of dividing and shaping by hand while saving you time!

Dough Sheeters – Counter-top & Reversible sheeters

Bread Slicers for a variety of bread types

Water Meters