Achieve culinary excellence in your commercial kitchen

OUR PASSION FOR PROVIDING OUTSTANDING EQUIPMENT is inspired by your own passion for preparing and serving truly world-class food. Nothing exemplifies that commitment to excellence more than our acclaimed Groen line of commercial kitchen equipment: braising pans, steam kettles, steamers and combi ovens. With a focus on increased kitchen efficiency, food safety and culinary quality, every Groen commercial cooking product is engineered to simplify and streamline preparation for any size operation.

Convection Combo Oven

Our advanced design combines a convection oven and steamer for faster cooking times, better control over high-volume production and more flavorful, nutritious food.


Featuring boiler-based, generator-based, boilerless and connectionless designs with many capacities to choose from, our line of commercial steamers offers a wide variety of capable, reliable kitchen equipment for every professional foodservice application.


From the award-winning lineup of Groen steam jacketed kettles, to the extensive CapKold equipment assortment, Unified Brands can help you achieve greater menu versatility and expand food preparation capabilities.


This equipment helps streamline workflow and save valuable time by combining the benefits of a steam jacketed kettle with a high-performance agitator.

Water Treatment Systems

By reducing scale buildup, chlorine and chloramine, our in-line water treatment systems prevent costly repairs and time-consuming foodservice equipment cleanings in the future.

CapKold Cook-Chill Systems

Every CapKold product features unique and advanced design elements that no commercial kitchen should be without — from state-of-the-art intuitive controls to ergonomic breakthroughs that prevent injury, streamline workflow and improve overall prep times during peak periods.