From range tops with refrigerated bases, integrated water systems, a variety of range top options and oven bases plus more, the possibilities are endless.

Quality Materials Inside and Out

Practically every one of the respondents to the StarChefs commercial range range survey complained that the pilots are always going out in their ranges. Typically a range’s pilot tubes are made of brass or aluminized steel – weaker metals which, again, are susceptible to potent cleaners.

But Jade Range pilot tubes and tips are #304 stainless steel. Its burners are constructed with a lift-off burner head with a single piece of venturi (the long thin piece that plugs into the valve), making it easy to clean without losing efficiency over time. The commercial range’s top grates are polished steel, unlike other grates that are cast iron and tend to rust and break down over time – and they’re guaranteed for life.

All-Welded Construction

In addition to using heavier gauge materials, Jade ranges withstand the test of time because of their all-welded frame. The metal in all commercial ranges continually expands and contracts with the heating and cooling down of the equipment. The nuts and bolts that hold most range frames together are especially susceptible to heat and contraction.

Over time, the joints weaken and eventually fall apart. Welding joints together using bead welds is like using more glue. Other manufacturers may weld their commercial ranges together in a couple of places, but the rest is joined by nuts and bolts. Jade’s all-welded construction holds up over time.

TITAN SERIES – Cook Tops, Bases and broilers, titan specialty, island suites

Each Titan™ Heavy-Duty range features a hand-crafted, solid, all-welded frame for incredible strength & durability. All materials used in the production of Jade Titan™ Ranges are chosen to achieve the longest lifespan, allowing Jade Range to offer a 2-year parts and labor warranty within the US & Canada.

BISTRO SERIES – Cooktops, countretop, bases, specialty,

The Bistro Ranges are rooted in Jade’s strong commercial heritage, and has been robustly designed and crafted by hand to deliver unparalleled performance and exacting precision.With available choices such as open tops, griddles, char-broilers, woks, refrigeration bases w/ modular tops, and Chitwood charbroilers, the Jade® Bistro Range truly allows you to customize your high-end show kitchen – without the high-end cost.