The Lincat range of products are built for specific applications, so if you have a particular need for your kitchen, you’re sure to find the right product for you.

The range includes pizza ovens, convection ovens, toasters and induction hobs, among others. Each product within the range is made with care, delivering great results time after time

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are perfect for roasts, pizzas, pies and bakery products. From Lynx plug and play through to our specialist convection ovens, we have a convection oven to suit your requirements. 

Pizza Ovens

We produce a comprehensive range of pizza ovens that are designed to fit in perfectly in a variety of locations — dependent on your individual needs of course. The Lynx grill style pizza oven is great for back bar areas, cafes or snack bars, due to its smaller size.

Induction Hobs

Focus energy where it’s needed most with the energy efficient, fast-cooking, induction hobs. Induction hobs feature a number of benefits, such as energy efficiency, speed, safety and comfort, while being easy to clean and maintain. We have a number of induction hobs that have been designed to meet the size and power requirements for every application, regardless of kitchen size.

Fume Filtration Units

Our fume filtration units provide an efficient and reliable solution for reducing grease deposits and remove cooking odours to create a clean and fresh working environment. The powerful centrifugal fans effectively pull fumes and other air contaminants through a three part filtration system, clearing the air in the process. These units are an ideal companion to Lynx 400 and Silverlink 600 electric appliances, and provide a great solution for smaller kitchens that do not use gas appliances.

Wall Shelves

Fantastic storage units for all of your kitchen utensils.

Wall Cupboards

Need somewhere to store those kitchen essentials? You’ll find the perfect unit here.

Wall Benches and Centre Tables

Smooth, hygienic surfaces, which are easy to clean and ideal for use in food preparation.

Sink Units

Choose a sink design which helps to maximise the workflow in your kitchen. We produce a range of deep sink bowls, designed to contain large pans and gastronorms, while also taking into account a variety of positional needs. We also produce separate wash basins (hand sinks) to ensure that there’s a practical hand wash station in food preparation environment. 

Food Warming Drawers

Our food warming drawers will keep buns, rolls, pastries, breads, potatoes and meats, warm and succulently moist for up to one hour.