Our wide range of ventless deep fryers and high speed ovens, can meet just about any kitchen needs, from mom and pop shops to large chains.



AutoFry is the leader in fully-enclosed and fully-automated ventless deep frying technology. We offer a complete line of ventless frying systems ranging from single basket to double basket fryers, and countertop to floor models. Capable of serving all kinds of deep-frying demands; from small independent taverns to large stadiums, to worldwide multi-unit chains, AutoFry can handle it all.

MultiChef XL

The NEW MultiChef XL® uses convection, rapid impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times, transforming your business into a food preparation powerhouse. Using MultiChef XL is easy, regardless of kitchen knowledge level. Simply add your food to the cook chamber, select one of 80 presets or enter in a manual timer, and press start! MultiChef XL will take care of the rest.


Fully Automatic, Efficient Oil Filtering, Fits in AutoFry Oil Pot, Longer Oil Life, Improve Food Taste, Easy to Use

Oil Filtration System – OFS

Oil Replenishment, Efficient Oil Filtering, Fits under MTI- 40E, Longer Oil Life, Improve Food Taste, Easy to Use