NU-VU Foodservice Systems, is the recognized leader in “On-Premise Baking”. As The Bakery Equipment Division of Middleby Corporation, along with Doyon Baking Equipment Specialists, we manufacturer a wide variety of commercial baking equipment for use in all types of foodservices, supermarkets, and convenience stores. NU-VU products include baking ovens, oven-proofers, proofers, pizza ovens, and even smokers and cook n hold ovens. NU-VU oven/proofers, used extensively worldwide in national chains for over 25 years, provide a complete “baking center” in one unit. With more than 25,000 units sold worldwide and counting, we are the industry standard for “On-Premise Baking”.

Ovens – Tabletop & floor models & Proofers

With over 25,000 oven & proofers sold, we are truly the leader in on-premise baking. The applications for these oven & proofers are endless. These units are ideal for submarine sandwich restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, delis, hospitals, schools, institutions – in fact, anywhere a need for on-premise baking exists. All of our oven & proofers feature our unique V-Air® system in the oven. This technology drives faster cook times and perfect heat distribution top to bottom, side to side and front to back. You’ll never need to turn pans, and that will save labor costs. You can produce to perfection all types of bakery products, including breads, rolls, pies, cinnamon buns, croissants, cakes, brownies, pastries, muffins, cookies, just to name a few! The proofer compartments come standard with a manual fill water pan to generate the proofer humidity or the AutoMist humidity system option which eliminates the need for a water pan. It requires a 1/4″ waterline connection. Please refer to individual oven &proofer specifications to verify. All proofer compartments contain a fan which distributes the heat and humidity evenly throughout the proofer compartment.

The proofing process is an integral step in the baking process, and the NU-VU line of proofers can provide your dough product the ideal environment for proofing. All NU-VU proofers have separate heat and humidity controls so that the environment can be varied to the precise levels of heat and humidity in order to accommodate each individual product.

The smoker ovens offer the capability to dry bake, bake with moisture, warm, slo-cook, hold and smoke.

Slo-cook’n hold equipment

The NU-VU® Slo-Cook’n Hold units feature an even heating system which surrounds the product with a gentle heat for thorough cooking with minimum shrinkage associated with moisture loss. This produces an excellent product and increased profits. Your unit can be customized by adding a product probe or internal steam. These units are well suited for meat, fish, fowl, vegetables and hot dishes just to name a few.

Heated Holding

The NU-VU® Top Mount Heated Cabinets are designed to hold food products in a lightly moisturized environment. A water pan is provided to permit natural evaporation, if desired. Convection heating system and side to side airflow ensures that the cabinet will hold proper temperatures prior to, and during, busy serving periods.

Baking sheets