In 1986, Perfect Fry Company became a leading supplier to the foodservice industry with one of the most innovative and simple-to-operate countertop deep frying solutions in the world. Since then, Perfect fry has continued to build on its leadership in technology and reputation for quality — key reasons why foodservice operators look to Perfect Fry to meet their ever-changing food service needs.

Since we opened back in 1989 we have sold over 10,000 Perfect Fryers!



In a world where production capacity depends on the fryer’s power (watts) and not the size, it is a big deal that PERFECT FRYERS offer the highest power output in today’s market!

The PFC Series Models are the result of years of research and development. Numerous customer suggestions have gone into making them what they are today.

The PFC Series is a family of four, including the PFC1875, PFC3750, PFC5700 and PFC5708 which all are kings in their own right but do share some great features!

PFA Fully-Automatic Fryers

Our Flagship… Introducing the fully-automated PFA Rapid Fry Series!

The PFA series deep fryers minimize staffing requirements and preparation time while maximizing cooking capacity and efficiency – all in only 17 linear inches of counterspace!



In a Perfect Fry Crisp N’ Hold, gentle hot air circulation over and through the product eliminates steam generated from the product after cooking. Crispness is maintained and the product stays hot and ready to serve, up to four times longer! The Perfect compliment to your Perfect Fry, the Crisp N’ Hold will put your heat lamps on ice and your profits on fire!


The oil drainage kit is designed to help make the Perfect Fryer even easier to clean and maintain.


The basket cover is used to cook any type of floating food product. It ensures that any food product remains below the oil level.

Note: The Basket cover is designed for the XL basket only.