Power Soak dramatically improves foodservice operations of every size and scope. With cost-saving efficiency, automated process control and optimal space utilization at the forefront, Power Soak manufactures innovative commercial warewashing systems that provide the most reliable cleaning and sanitizing of pots, pans, sheet pans, skewers, utensils, produce and proteins in the marketplace today.

At the heart of the Power Soak story is a steadfast commitment to quality — both in the design and ease of operation of all the Power Soak Systems. We not only offer standard size models, but more opportunities to customize our kitchen equipment to fit your operation’s unique needs. Whether it’s accommodating a particular size restriction or equipping your model with precisely the right features for your staff, Power Soak warewashing systems are truly built for you.

From the Power Soak pot, pan and sheet pan washing system, to the time-tested Silver Soak, Skewer Soak and Power Prep, every product we offer complements a broad array of constantly improving options and accessories.

Most importantly — Power Soak is always focused on providing exceptional quality and service to meet the operational needs of every customer’s operation.


Power Prep

These washing systems offer the most ergonomic, efficient method for dislodging debris and bacteria from produce and quickly thawing frozen proteins.

Power Soak

Our patented parallel wash flow takes advantage of the natural scouring properties of turbulent water, heat and detergent to maximize cleaning power.

Silver Soak

This equipment eliminates labor-intensive “multiple passes” by removing virtually all soils and stains from silverware before it enters the dishwashing machine.

Skewer Soak

A rotating carousel allows rotisserie skewers to snap in and out, making it easy to load and unload the system before and after each wash cycle.