For commercial refrigeration equipment across the country — representing the highest levels of quality, reliability and performance. Unified Brands’ complete line of Randell commercial refrigerators is designed to help food service professionals do more than ever — whether it’s increasing shelf life, storing a wide variety of food products at once, or expanding menus with more appealing choices to keep customers coming back.

Flexibility is always a top priority for professional foodservice operators, especially when space is at a premium. That’s why Randell is proud to provide a selection of leading-edge standard kitchen equipment along with our modular, custom solutions that deliver the high-performance features customers demand — all in a versatile footprint that’s manageable in kitchens and prep areas of all sizes.

As always, Randell’s exclusive commercial refrigeration design elements ensure consistent food quality and safety, reduce wear, and make cleaning and maintenance quick and simple. That adds up to more confidence for operators and staff — and the added efficiency translates to energy and labor savings that help improve your bottom line.

Prep Tables

Randell is the industry leader in the performance-driven prep table category, and ours are specified by four of the top five pizza chains in the United States.

FX Series

Keeping food cold is all about keeping the cold with the food. That’s what the patented design of Randell’s FX Series refrigeration systems makes possible.

Blast Chillers

This equipment helps operators achieve better food quality, high-volume production accuracy, increased savings, and most importantly, improved safety.

Chef Bases / Equipment and FX Stands

Randell’s heavy-duty, refrigerated equipment stands are built to withstand high-heat, high-grease environments often found in today’s commercial kitchens.


Our hot and cold drop-ins are specifically designed to keep hot and cold products within their safe temperature zone for extended periods of time.


Randell commercial foodservice reach-ins meet current Department of Energy requirements and come in a variety of configurations for maximum versatility.

Compact Refrigeration

With multiple door/drawer combinations available, Randell offers foodservice operations the flexibility and configuration options the need for their facilities.

Side Mount Refrigeration

Our refrigerated, side-mount salad top prep tables and worktop refrigerator/freezer models offer similar efficiencies as mega top models plus the same outstanding cooling capabilities.

Serving Lines

Engineered with the K-12 school food service equipment market in mind, RanServe offers the ultimate flexibility to fit your operation’s specific menu and space requirements.

Hot Food Tables

Designed to complement our line of performance-driven preparation tables, Randell’s selection of hot food tables outshines the competition with precision control.

Pizza Hot Holding Cabinets

Our industry-first, urethane-insulated heated cabinets are designed to hold hot pizza prior to delivery or pickup with an exterior that’s cool to the touch for employee safety.

Custom Fabrication

Randell has combined years of proven experience with modular manufacturing to provide solutions for every commercial foodservice application.