Designed for demanding everyday use in in primary and hospital care and also by medical specialists, our products are manufactured according to Riester’s exacting quality standards and are supplied with our “Original Riester” certificate of authenticity.

Blood Pressure Devices

World class blood pressure measurement, clinically validated to meet the highest international standards. Automated blood pressure – clinically validated according to international standards (BIHS, EHS, AAMI). Aneroid blood pressure – BIHS validated precision that lasts a lifetime

Instruments for ENT, Ophthalmology & Dermatology

Designed for demanding everyday use in doctors‘ practices and hospitals, Riester E.E.N.T. instruments are developed through close cooperation between our engineers and users in primary and hospital care. Li-ion/LED technology and new high-performance instruments significantly reduce costs while improving both effectiveness and reliability. Our ri-scope L and e-scope product lines offer cutting edge technologies in order to improve performance of instruments and to reduce maintenance costs.


60 years of experience in developing and manufacturing of stethoscopes, paired with the innovation power and the uncompromisingly high standard of quality of a globally successful company allowed Riester to set a new standard for stethoscopes.The completely new constructed cardiophon 2.0 and duplex® 2.0 assign nothing less than a quantum leap in the quality of acoustics. So it is in the end the result of innovative detail solutions that lead to an oustanding product.

Medical Lighting

Riester medical lighting shows its particular quality in everyday use. Cutting edge LED technology provides bright and white light while reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability. Riester medical lighting products come with a 2 year warranty. Designed and manufactured in Germany.


The Riester range of laryngoscopes comprises high-end fibre optic laryngoscopes with leading LED/Li-ion technology, economy and disposable laryngoscopes. Designed for simple intubation, Riester laryngoscopes have lower maintenance costs and avoid cross contamination.

Patient Monitoring & Diagnostic Systems

Patient monitors for NIBP, SpO2 and Temperature and integrated diagnostic systems with E.E.N.T. diagnostic instruments.

Diagnostic Sets

Diagnostic set including blood pressure devices, stethoscopes, oto- and opthalmoscopes, pen lights, etc.. Set comes in a portable, impact-resistant hard case.


Riester helps to bring medical care to remote and underdeveloped areas all over the world by offering quality products of the highest standards and cutting–edge technologies.

Riester has now partnered with company AMD Global Telemedicine to offer a broad range of Telemedicine solutions to our existing customer base and beyond.

Veterinary EENT Instruments

Designed for demanding everyday use in doctors’ practices and clinics, Riester E.E.N.T. instruments have been and still are being created through close cooperation between our engineers and users. Li-ion/XL technology and new high-performance instruments significantly improve effectiveness and reliability.

Other Devices

Riester offers quality diagnostic instruments for thermometry, gynaecology, percussion and pulmonary pressure measurement. Blood stasis products, tuning forks and pressure infusion devices are also available.

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