Stero warewashing systems have been proudly manufactured at our U.S.-based facilities for over 70 years.

Each Stero product is built with the highest quality components and innovative features which have established our reputation as a trusted warewashing authority in the foodservice industry. We are committed to serving our customers with the highest quality in warewashing—products that are built to work, and made to last.

Stero designs units that integrate all dishroom clean-up elements into practical arrangements. Our integrated system concept offers precise designs configured to fit the unique requirements of any operation, allowing you to focus on what matters most—delighting your customers.


Stero Glasswashers are a simple and durable solution for producing a clean, sparkling glass in minutes. Top rated restaurants and foodservice operations understand that the presentation is just as important as the product, and no one wants to be surprised by an inferior wine or rocks glass after they’ve poured or blended the perfect drink.


Stero Undercounters provide the powerful cleaning performance you demand, within a small footprint. The compact, flexible design fits neatly under a countertop, and low energy and water consumption supports efforts for utility cost containment. With a 17” door opening, Stero undercounters can accommodate a variety of ware types. The digital control displays wash and rinse temperatures brilliantly. Hot water or chemical sanitizing units are also available in this model


Durability and simplicity are at the heart of Stero door-type dishmachine engineering. From installation to day-to-day operation and dishmachine preventative maintenance, our units are reliable and easy for your operators to use. All stainless steel construction, interchangeable upper and lower rinse arms, door actuated starts and large scrap accumulators are just some of the features you’ll enjoy with Stero door-type dishmachines. Available in both high and low temperature models, Stero offers flexibility to varying infrastructure needs.


Stero Rack Conveyor Washers are offered in a variety of lengths and models to suit the needs of any size facility. The SC modular series is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility of dishroom design.


Stero’s SC Modular Conveyor Series provides flexibility and maximum warewashing power in a minimum amount of space. The SC Series is the only warewashing system that can be designed around a problem dishroom. With modular sections, each scrapper, wash and rinse module may be designed in either a straight through or 90° section. These may be assembled with other components to complete a problem solving warewashing system of your choosing


It takes a heavy duty washer to tackle the challenge of cleaning pots and pans. Stero’s U-31A is a single tank, one rack, pot and pan washer, fully automatic with adjustable wash and rinse cycles. The hood and tank are made from heavy gauge, fully welded stainless steel for durability and longevity.


Stero’s finely engineered rackless flight conveyors demonstrate the impeccable workmanship and enduring quality that the Stero brand has been linked to for over 60 years. These large capacity belt machines can be configured to suit any dishroom.