Since our founding in 1948, Univex Corporation has grown to become a leading U.S. manufacturer and distributor of superior quality mixers, slicers, dough processors, ovens and prep equipment for the restaurant, hotel, pizzeria, bakery, catering and institutional industries.

Today, Univex products are well known for their rugged engineering that keeps them running for decades…competitive pricing, which makes them a remarkably good value…and solid innovation, including critical safety features that have become the industry standard.


Renowned for their unique variable-speed drive system, oversized transmission gears, and low cost of ownership, Univex planetary mixers range from our compact, 12-quart countertop model to the SRM80+, able to mix 80 pounds of dough at one time.


Silverline and Greenline spiral mixers are built to perform under even the most demanding conditions, kneading small and large quantities of dough perfectly every time. With service requirements so low, they are practically maintenance-free!


Tipper for spiral mixers equipped with removable, wheeled bowls.


The new Univex Slicer Series are built to exceed today’s standards for high precision slicing, and operator’s safety.


All Univex Ovens are built in accordance with the highest possible standards for materials, technical components, and manufacturing procedures. Thoughtful, ergonomic design makes for easy, intuitive use, while durability, reliability, and efficiency protect and maximize your investment in excellence.


A wide variety of sizes and styles to meet all operational needs


Dough sheeters are perfectly suited to the needs of artisans.


We over a large selection of prep equipment including, meat grinders, Fat analyzers, patty Press, power drives, slicers, peelers and shredders